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Our Products/Services

Our reusable sanitary pads are designed to provide superior feminine hygiene protection and comfort. Pad-Up Menstrual Kits are made from high-performance materials and provide effective protection for 12+ months of use. Pad-Up kits are 100% chemical free, ultra-absorbent, natural, and eco-friendly.

  • Standard pads with wings are regular pads with wings. Absorbs up to 40mls, leak proof, and fastens safely behind the pads.

  • Glow padded pants: are pants that are padded and would not require additional padding during menstrual flow. People who are usually busy in the morning and may not have good time thinking about padding usually prefer them. They can be used during both menstrual flow and other days. Absorbs up to 30mls and are leak proof.

  • Panty Liners: Women/girls use our panty liners when they have light flows or spotting. It can also be used regularly on ordinary days.

  • Our nursing/breast pads are used by nursing mothers, weaning mothers or pregnant women. The pads are used to stop the flow of breast milk during the said periods.

  • All our products are body friendly, leak proof and extra slim that most times they are mistaken to be disposable.

Pad-Up Panty Liner | Cost: ₦ 350


Pad-Up Menstrual Pad


Pad-Up Menstrual Kit | Cost: ₦ 850



Our Services

We manufacture washable and reusable menstrual pad, menstrual belts, padded pants and nursing/breast pads which guarantee better health by reducing rashes, toxic shock syndrome, skin irritation and infection, cost efficient and eco friendly.

  • * We also counsel children against sexual abuse, using therapy to rehabilitate abused children.

  • * Our team is available for programs on sexual health, menstrual health; girl/women focused activities, sexual related matters and addiction rehabilitation.

  • * We also counsel girls against sexual abuse and use therapy to rehabilitate abused children.

  • *Our team is available to facilitate on programs against sexual abuse, about menstrual hygiene and addition rehabilitation.

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