There are often many atimes we tend to look back at closed doors holding back to it rather than looking forward to many other doors awaiting our next moves for them to be widely opened for us. It requires a door to close for another door to get opened. Without pain there is no gain in achieving success. When doors get closed for others, let’s keep them company and give them other opportunities to pick up themselves again and move on.

Oppurtuinities come and go, ability to grab it and make every possible use of it makes us achieve success in life as well as ability to see opportunities and strengths where others  tend to see threats and weaknesses. Opportunities should   be given to different individual at different level irrespective of race, tribe or whatever differences we might have , the main goal in our society is to achieve sustainability for a better tomorrow.

Different strokes goes for different folks thereby different individuals with should be given opportunities to be able to accomplish their dreams. When people are given the chance to deliberate on issues of the society they feel they are been carried along. 

As part of the international women’s day celebration when women are been celebrated and encouraged to participate more in the formal organizations, ministries, governance of the society and lots more. It is a day when our men are been urged to give opportunities to our women who are naturally endowed and skilled in various implementations, communication and multifunctional skills.

Pad-Up Creations Limited has always been in the fore front of ensuring that  vunelrable and low income women and girls are empowered to be self employed, self reliant and independent as well as assisting her family while on the other hand, it has recruited and employed countless number of girls and women respectively. Pad-Up Creations limited is a home for all, as we accept different individuals as the main goal is to achieve sustainability. In regards to that, Pad-Up Creations limited cordially paid visit to various organizations on international women’s day which amongst the places was the spinal cord and injuries association, as  lectures on menstrual hygiene and cross section talk was held with the individual as they were celebrated also and were given opportunities to make a difference by proving that there is ability in disability. With Pad-Up Creations limited, they society is a better place and it can be an awesome and absolutely better place with you and I joining our hands together with Pad-Up Creations limited to talk, listen and respond positively to individual out there.

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