We train women/girls on menstrual hygiene management, reproductive health and right. Our customers are our priority: We focus on keeping them healthy even at affordable costs. Our goal is simple and straightforward.


Job Creation

Pad-Up Creations manufactures the Pad-Up Menstrual kits in Nigeria, thereby creating meaning employment for over 200 staff employees, who are mostly women.


Business Creation

We have created over 15,030 businesses for our product distributors across 18 African countries.


Menstrual Success

Over 3 million kits distributed, making a significant reduction in the number of girls that use unhygienic materials to care for their menstruation.


Training Of Girls/Women

538,000 girls/women trained on menstrual hygiene management(MHM) and reproductive health. This has also improved the hygiene practices in locations we visited by 68%


Reaching More African Girls

Over 3 million kits distributed across 18 African countries. Same solution, making period less painful for girls and women in Africa.


Saving The Eco System

Over 36 million sanitary waste reduced. Pad-Up menstrual kits are washable and reusable, that helps to reduce the amount of pads that will be burnt or buried every day.

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