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Our unique areusable sanitary pads and products are carefully designed to meet and provide superior feminine hygiene protection and comfort. Pad-Up Menstrual Kits are made from high-performance materials and provide effective protection for 12+ months of use. Pad-Up kits are 100% chemical free, ultra-absorbent, natural, and eco-friendly.

Menstrual hygiene management

We understand that a lot of myth surrounds menstruation . our human investment officers are working hard to change this. They are giving the right information about menstrual hygiene to girls/women. Our pad tour program is taken to schools to teach the girls how to use the pads and care for their period

Female forum:

it is the largest gathering of females that have attained the age of puberty in Africa. It is hosted by our subsidiary female forum foundation FFF

Girls challenge.

This is the best way we engage the girls through discussion, quiz and debates, the girls asked questions about their reproductive life.

Pad-Up menstrual kit absorbs 30mls of blood without leak. The pads are convenient, extra slim and hygienic. The pads washes clean and never retain stains. They save you from exposing your body to chemicals that are on disposable pads on monthly basis.

Washable pads are worn just like disposable menstrual pads. Wear pads with the design side facing upward and fasten the pads beneath underwear. Change as frequently as you feel comfortable, after all, you only need to wash and not dispose.
Use and Care

Pad-Up Menstrual Kits provide effective protection for 12+ months. For an optimal user experience, it is important to properly use and take care of the pads.

Wear : Place the pad into the underwear and secure it beneath the pant.
Soak : After using the pads, soak in cold water for 5-10 minutes.
Wash : After soaking, wash the pads in clean water with soap or detergent.
Dry : Dry the pads in direct sunlight and/or in a well ventilated place. Allow to dry completely before-re-used. When exposed to direct sunlight, pads will dry in approximately 2 hours.

Three things are very important to keep in mind when using the Pad-Up Menstrual kit. First of all, you cannot use bleach to clean the pads. Secondly, you should use cold water to clean the pads, not hot water. Hot water will set stains. You may add a few drops of sanitizer if you wish.

And lastly, you shouldn’t iron the pads as this will harm the layers inside the pad, which affects the absorbency.

Hand wash the pad the same way you wash your clothe or Wash in washing machine at 40°c Max. Do not use a brush!

You can carry used pads by folding them as shown and put them in the pouch bag included In the Pad-Up Menstrual kit. You can also use the pouch bag to carry soiled pads until you are ready to wash them.

If you allow your used pads to stay longer than 24hours before wash, please soak the pad for at least 20 minutes before wash to ensure that the blood is properly washed.

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