Baby Diaper


2 in 1

Pad-Up Baby diapers are washable and reusable, It provides effective protection for you baby. it can be use for a minimum period of 1 year. It has 2 Holders, 2 Absorbents.

• The absorbents are Breathable

• Lightweight

• Leak Proof

• locks with snap buttons

• Washes clean with any soap or detergent and dry fast

• Dermatological tested

• High absorption rate

• Comes in various sizes

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Gently lay your baby facing up place the white absorbent into the diaper holder carefully place under your baby buttocks and look the snap button in front Change the diaper when wet.
Rinse of the absorbent with room temperature water and soak in room temperature water (not hot, not ice water) for 10 minutes you may add detergent.
Wash with any soap or detergent of your choices.
Allow to dry properly preferably under sun or in an air environment before next use.



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