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Our CEO, Most impactful entrepreneur

Opening of our new production site

To boost research on menstrual and hygiene

Making pads accessible to all girls

Every girl deserves quality care

Keeping more girls in schools

Every day in class is very important to a female child

Involving women in economic activities

Creating job for woman around the world

Creating jobs

creating jobs

Our work taking us places

creating opportunity of improving

Period with Pride

Pad-up creations is a major producer of washable and reusable sanitary pads in Africa. As a social company, we have provided over 1 million girls and women in 13 African countries with access to Sanitary Pads that will last them a minimum period of 1 year while creating 93 permanent Jobs. Over 15,030 businesses are created for women who distribute our products. We currently have trained over 400,000 girls and women on menstrual hygiene management and reproductive health. We believe that every girl/woman should find pride in their period irrespective of their economic class or location.

Menstrual Kit

Pad -up Menstrual Kit

Pad-up menstrual kits are washable and reusable sanitary pads, which provides effective protection to the user for a minimum period of 1 year

Padded Pant

Padded pant

Padded pant are sanitary paints that has sanitary pad in build in then, with the padded pant their is no need for sanitary pads


Panty Liner

Panty Liner

Panty Liner is sanitary wares that are used by women on their light flow days to prevent stain



It is a user friendly kinesthetic device that helps girls/women to get prompt notification on menstruation and ovulation days. The App can also be installed on smart phone and periodic notification on our USSD Code.

Are you ready to transform your life?

Find our extremely advanced yet easy to understand teachings about period and reproductive health.

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January 22,2019

Our bankers visited

Our Bankers came visiting

February 14,2019

Pad-up Valentine Clip

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Hello! I’m Miss Chioma


Female Enlightenment program

Female get to date information and guide to menstrual hygiene and care in propare sensitization

Female building Confidence Campaign

Female forum covers a wide range of educational tips to promote female activities within and out side the country

Female quest

The search for intelligent female who can contribute to the National Development

Our Unique Products

Pad-up Menstrual Kit

Unit Price- N850

  • 5 pads
  • One Storage bag
  • Minimum Reusable period of one year
  • Washes Clean With Any Soap or Detergent
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Padded pant

Unit Price-N1800

  • 3 Pants per bag
  • inbuild pads
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    My Exprience


    I have been using the Pad-Up Pad since September, 2016 and it has never leaked or stained me. Kudos to your team

    Chiki - 08133132***
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    My Experience


    Since September 2016, I have been a regular buyer and distributor or Pad-Up menstrual kits, Pad-Up Padded pants, Pad-Up menstrual belts and the Pad-Up nursing pads and I have never regretted it. I am I Nassarwa state Nigeria. The company has never compromised quality nor delayed in supplies

    Benjamin Makpa - 08067963***
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    My Experience


    I started using the Pad-Up menstrual kits since October, 2016. I havambeen able to save cost buying pads for myself and my girl. The mos important thing is that the pads washes as white as never used. I wm happy knowing product

    Mummy Kam - 07063773***
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    My Experience


    I have always had pads at spontaneous flows and that saves cost for me, save me shame and make me worry less on when my period will start flowing.<

    Chioma - 08060014***
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    My Experience


    Frankly, I never knew someone can menstruate without having rashes and irritation, one good thing about your Pad-Up Menstrual pads is that I have always felt fresh whenever they are in use. God bless your team.

    Khadija S. 08147234***

Why Pad-up Menstrual Kits Stands out!

1. Washable pads are chemical free, Were as disposable pads are made of chemicals.
2. Washable pads are not lined with polythene, were as disposable pads are lined with
3. Washable pads are hygienic for use, were as disposable pads are not hygienic for use

Frequently Asked Questions -FAQs

Over 3000 Young girls ask very intelligent questions

There are so many reasons why you should quit the usage of disposable pad. There are environmental, health, financial and many other reasons to choose reusable pads. It is estimates that the average woman throws away 16,900 pieces of used menstrual products in her lifetime. Unless you buy organic cotton pads, disposable sanitary pad mostly contains pesticides, petrochemical products, and/or irritating synthetic chemicals. Tampons can cause toxic shock syndrome, which I was surprised to learn can be deadly even if you use them according to the instructions. And again, there’s the cost factor. Disposable sanitary pads are usually expensive because they will require you to buy a pack or more for every month. Even if the amount you spend on sanitary pad is not much, calculate the expenditure for approximately 35 years.

It depends on how often you’re willing to wash. I’d say the minimum is probably three — one to wear, one you are drying, and one clean one to change into. Since cloth pads can take a while to dry, especially in a bathroom, we have packaged enough to keep you happy all through your menstrual period. You can fold up one for your purse; no one will recognize that the small thing is pad.

Pad-Up washable sanitary pad does not leak. Our company offers washable pads backed with water resistant polar fleece. Our customers haven’t had leakage issues.

After using the pads, soak in cold water for 5-10 minutes, and then wash the pads in clean water with soap or detergent. Dry the pads in direct sunlight and/or in a well ventilated place. Allow to dry completely before-re-used. When exposed to direct sunlight, pads will dry in approximately 2 hours. Three things are very important to keep in mind when using the Pad-Up menstrual kits: First of all, you cannot use bleach to clean the pads. Secondly, you should use cold water to clean the pads, not hot water. And lastly, you shouldn’t iron the pads as this will harm the layers inside the pad, which affects the absorbency.

Most cloth pads have snaps, so you can fold them up into tidy little rectangles (back side facing out!) and put them in your pouch bag which is also enclosed in the menstrual kit until you get home. They might stain a little if you can’t get them in water for hours, but soaking longer in detergent really work wonders.

Years! Pad-Up sanitary wares hold up beautifully through multiple washings and wringing. We expect them to last several years for you.

You can get our partners and marketers from our website. You can also buy directly from us by contacting any of our contact details on our website.

Absolutely comfortable and affordable. One pack of washable sanitary pad can save you the pain of buying sanitary pad for the whole year.

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