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We manufacture washable and reusable menstrual pad, menstrual belts, padded pants, panty liner and nursing/breast pads which guarantee better health by reducing rashes, toxic shock syndrome, skin irritation and infection, cost efficient. Our unique reusable sanitary pads and products are carefully designed to meet and provide superior feminine hygiene protection and comfort. Pad-Up Menstrual Kits are made from high-performance materials and provide effective protection for a minimum of one year. Pad-Up kits are ultra-absorbent, and eco-friendly. Read More
Our team is available to educate and counsel girls/women on menstrual hygiene management and reproductive health.
Women Empowerment Pad-Up women ambassadors are empowered to take the responsibilities of canvassing for good and hygienic female produce in Africa.
Job Creation
We have been able to create jobs for our self motivated staff.
Business creation
Our brand ambassadors have become business owners through their partnership with us
Over 400,000 girls now have access to pad-up menstrual kits with which they can be in school during their menstrual days. They do not need to use dry grasses, feathers or leaves which may stain them or even fall off, which results to bullying .
We save the environment
We have helped reduce the burning or burying of disposable pads into the atmosphere or on the earth as pa-up menstrual kits are reusable sanitary pads
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