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“Period Access” Project:

Our period access project is dedicated to ensuring menstrual hygiene and access to sanitary products for girls and women in schools and communities.  Several girls find it difficult to access affordable and hygienic menstrual products, which is why we have initiated this project to distribute free sanitary pads to selected schools and communities.

However, we also invite interested individuals/corporate organizations to contribute significantly by adopting schools or communities. This comes in 2 ways:

  1. Individual or corporate organizations pay for a certain number of sanitary pads packs and we distribute the sanitary pads to the selected schools on their behalf. We also send in reports and visuals.
  2.  Individual or corporate organizations pay for the installation of sanitary pads vending machines and sanitary pads which dispenses a pad for a student when they are in school. We install, unveil, guide, appoint, train a teacher, and monitor the usage. We also send in reports and visuals.

By adopting a school, these individuals not only support the provision of sanitary pads to underserved students but also increase girls’ attendance in school and empower the women and youth that manufacture our washable and reusable sanitary pads.

Join us in breaking taboos, empowering individuals, and fostering healthy communities through our period access project.


To support the period access project:

  1. With #150,000 or the equivalent of $125, you can support 10 girls with access to sanitary pads.
  2. With #180,000 or the equivalent of $150, you can support a school with a double-step dispensing machine capable of serving 40 students.

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WePower Project

Imagine a world where women, especially those facing financial challenges, have the power to build their businesses, support their families, and achieve financial independence.

Here’s how it works: Pad Up Creations offers business startup kits containing high-quality, reusable sanitary products. These kits are designed for women at the lower economic pyramid, those who may not have the initial capital to launch their businesses. The women sell the products and make proceeds from the sales.

Beyond financial empowerment, we provide these women with valuable 3C’s business skills- Character, Capital and Capacity. They gain the confidence and experience needed to become successful entrepreneurs.

Become a Part of the Change, join the movement. We seek passionate individuals who believe in the power of women’s economic empowerment.


With #100,000 you can empower 10 women.

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The Walk in Her Shoes project tackles common misconceptions, particularly among boys, about menstruation. It’s a unique approach designed to foster empathy and understanding.

Imagine boys participating in an activity where some sanitary pads, position them correctly on provided pants and then walk a designated distance. This seemingly simple act becomes a powerful learning experience.

This project goes beyond just the physical experience. Through participation, the boys gain a deeper comprehension of the challenges and realities girls face during their menstrual cycle. It dispels myths and replaces them with knowledge.

Armed with this newfound understanding, the boys are better equipped to offer support and encouragement to the girls in their lives during their periods. They become allies, dismantling the stigma and fostering a more open and supportive environment.

The Walk in Her Shoes project is a powerful tool for breaking down barriers and creating a more empathetic world. It’s a simple yet impactful way to bridge the gap in understanding and create a more supportive community.

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My Body Project

“My Body,” is a transformative project dedicated to providing comprehensive training about their bodies and menstrual health. Our goal is to equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to navigate puberty and menstruation confidently, promoting a positive and informed experience for a healthier future.

Our training approach is interactive, age-appropriate, and culturally sensitive. We use creative teaching methods, visual aids, and participatory activities to make learning engaging and enjoyable. Our team creates a safe and supportive environment where girls can ask questions, share experiences, and learn from each other

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The Girls' Challenge Project

The Girls’ Challenge Project is a powerful initiative that annually gathers over 5000 secondary students, creating a safe space for them to discuss critical topics related to their bodies, menstrual health, and reproductive health and hygiene. This project goes beyond mere education; it fosters a platform for girls to be heard and understood.

The project breaks down the barriers of silence surrounding menstruation. Girls often face a lack of open communication with parents, teachers, and even classmates. The Girls’ Challenge Project provides a forum where they can discuss their experiences. The program sometimes comes as competition and awards prizes to winners.

By sharing their experiences openly, girls learn they are not alone. The project fosters a sense of community and understanding, allowing them to dispel myths and gain accurate knowledge about their bodies and menstrual cycles.

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