Sanitary Pad


1 Pack = #1,600
1 Pack = 5 pads
1 Carton = #16,000
1 Carton = 10 packs
Minimum order quantity is 2 cartons


It contains 5 sanitary pads and 1 storage bag. The storage bag is a reusable pouch bag that is leakproof. It can be used to carry wet pads when you are away from home. It can also be used to store all the dried pads.

Usage: it is used for heavy flow.

Leak Proof: The pads are designed with a leakproof material to prevent stain

Breathable: The pads are breathable preventing rashes and irritation

Extra Long: The Pads are 32cm long

Super Absorption: The pads have 45ml Absorption

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