Pad-Up Creations Limited Team Educates Challenge International School Students on Menstrual Hygiene Management and Reproductive Health

Minna – A team of community engagement officers from Pad-Up Creations Limited, a leading provider of menstrual hygiene products, recently conducted an insightful session on menstrual hygiene management and reproductive health at Challenge International School in Minna. The program, attended by over 200 students and staff members, aimed to raise awareness and provide essential knowledge about menstruation and reproductive health.

The informative session started with an engaging introduction by Mrs. Uchechukwu Glory Ugwu, the team leader from Pad-Up Creations Limited. Mrs. Glory began by highlighting the importance of menstrual hygiene management and its impact on overall health and well-being. She emphasized the significance of proper menstrual hygiene practices, dispelling myths and taboos surrounding menstruation.

During the session, the team covered various topics such as the anatomy and function of the female reproductive system, the menstrual cycle, and proper sanitary pad usage. The officers also discussed common menstrual disorders and their management, debunking misconceptions and encouraging an open dialogue.

The interactive nature of the program allowed the students to actively participate by asking questions and sharing their own experiences. This collaborative approach effectively engaged everyone in attendance, fostering an environment of trust and inclusivity.

Furthermore, the team from Pad-Up Creations Limited introduced sustainable menstruation practices, stressing the importance of environmentally friendly menstrual hygiene products such as reusable cloth pads. They provided insights into the process of pad production and distributed a selection of eco-friendly pads to the students, promoting both sustainability and hygiene.

The event concluded with a vote of thanks from the school vice principal, Mr. Amos Jongo expressing his gratitude to the Pad-Up Creations Limited team for their enlightening session. He acknowledged the valuable information shared, stating that it would greatly benefit the students’ understanding of menstrual hygiene management and reproductive health.

The program undoubtedly left a lasting impact on the students and staff members at Challenge International School. It not only empowered young girls to embrace their bodies and take charge of their menstrual health but also encouraged open discussions on topics that are often considered taboo.

Pad-Up Creations Limited continues to demonstrate its commitment to community engagement and social development through such commendable initiatives. By providing knowledge and access to sustainable and affordable menstrual hygiene products, they are contributing to the overall well-being of women and girls.

For further information on menstrual hygiene management or to support Pad-Up Creations Limited’s efforts, please contact

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Olivia Onyemaobi

Importance of Menstrual Hygiene

Menstrual hygiene is important for several reasons, both for individual health and well-being as well as for broader social and economic development. Here are some of the key reasons why menstrual hygiene is important:

  1. Preventing infections: Good menstrual hygiene practices, such as using clean and sanitary menstrual products and washing hands regularly, can help prevent infections such as urinary tract infections, vaginal infections, and other reproductive tract infections.
  2. Reducing stigma and discrimination: Poor menstrual hygiene can lead to stigma and discrimination, which can affect girls’ and women’s confidence, self-esteem, and ability to participate fully in social and economic activities.
  3. Promoting gender equality: Ensuring that girls and women have access to menstrual products, facilities, and education can help promote gender equality by removing barriers to education and economic participation.
  4. Improving education outcomes: Lack of access to menstrual products and facilities can lead to school absenteeism and poor academic performance among girls, which can have long-term effects on their education and future opportunities.
  5. Supporting economic development: By ensuring that women have access to menstrual products and facilities, we can help reduce productivity losses due to menstrual-related health issues and absenteeism, leading to improved economic outcomes.


There are often many atimes we tend to look back at closed doors holding back to it rather than looking forward to many other doors awaiting our next moves for them to be widely opened for us. It requires a door to close for another door to get opened. Without pain there is no gain in achieving success. When doors get closed for others, let’s keep them company and give them other opportunities to pick up themselves again and move on.

Oppurtuinities come and go, ability to grab it and make every possible use of it makes us achieve success in life as well as ability to see opportunities and strengths where others  tend to see threats and weaknesses. Opportunities should   be given to different individual at different level irrespective of race, tribe or whatever differences we might have , the main goal in our society is to achieve sustainability for a better tomorrow.

Different strokes goes for different folks thereby different individuals with should be given opportunities to be able to accomplish their dreams. When people are given the chance to deliberate on issues of the society they feel they are been carried along. 

As part of the international women’s day celebration when women are been celebrated and encouraged to participate more in the formal organizations, ministries, governance of the society and lots more. It is a day when our men are been urged to give opportunities to our women who are naturally endowed and skilled in various implementations, communication and multifunctional skills.

Pad-Up Creations Limited has always been in the fore front of ensuring that  vunelrable and low income women and girls are empowered to be self employed, self reliant and independent as well as assisting her family while on the other hand, it has recruited and employed countless number of girls and women respectively. Pad-Up Creations limited is a home for all, as we accept different individuals as the main goal is to achieve sustainability. In regards to that, Pad-Up Creations limited cordially paid visit to various organizations on international women’s day which amongst the places was the spinal cord and injuries association, as  lectures on menstrual hygiene and cross section talk was held with the individual as they were celebrated also and were given opportunities to make a difference by proving that there is ability in disability. With Pad-Up Creations limited, they society is a better place and it can be an awesome and absolutely better place with you and I joining our hands together with Pad-Up Creations limited to talk, listen and respond positively to individual out there.


its international women’s day, a day when women are been celebrated all over the world. The impacts of women cannot be overemphasized, moreso many more women are urged to put in more impact,  so therefore  giving women more  opportunities in various organizations, formal offices and even in government parastatas to show case and explore the natural endowment they are blessed with individually. Women are the backbone of the society and the have managerial skills, patience, tolerance, ability to change and adapt with the situations around them and lots more. Empowering women is empowering the society at large, for a woman has direct contact with the society at large where she can control and manage the affairs of youths directly and indirectly. A woman’ s attribute cannot be overemphasized, as she is a mother, a teacher ,a student and a wife all at a random sequence. Pad-up creations has long joined in the race of breaking the bias of gender inequality, thereby empowering and employing countless of women and females across the country irrespective of race, religion and tribes….the main goal is to attain and achieve sustainability and  gender equality for a better tomorrow, so with pad-up creations is it better bit with your contributions it will be absolutely better. So therefore, men out there are urged to support women in every aspects that they can.


Success Through Empowerment Project (STEP)

Pad-Up Creations Limited in partnership with the Netherlands Miinistry of Foreign Affairs through their Implementing Partners, the Palladium Group are creating a total of 823 jobs for youths/women aged (18 – 35 years) in rural and low income communities in Nigeria within a duration of about 30 months.

The youths/women will be trained on essential skills and values so as to be employed and/or be self employed in the production and distribution of our innovative sanitary/menstrual wares. The project focuses on five (5) states namely; Niger, Kano, Lagos, Oyo and Imo.

The project is currently being launched in Niger State as our team are on the field sensitizing the community leaders, men, women and youths on the benefits of STEP.

Wow! this is amazing I have never seen a reusable pad before… a woman proclaimed

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